Thursday, June 01, 2006


Thought we’d leave Durango on the 23rd, but that was not to be. Too much to do. The neighbors are probably taking bets on when—or whether—we actually leave. We worked two or three really long, hard days and realized that if we kept that up we were going to get sick and start hating each other. Not worth it. So we slowed down a bit. Our deadlines are self-imposed, so why suffer.

This isn’t like moving, where we’d throw out some stuff and cram the rest into boxes and move. This time, we’re considering every little thing; will it go with us, go into storage, or go away. Can we sell it? Can’t take very much with us. Space is limited. We’re driving to NC in the Explorer with a 15’ sailboat in tow. The thrift store has hit a jackpot!

We did mail two big boxes to our destination. Is that cheating?

Caved in and bought a paper shredder. Too many papers had bank account or social security numbers. We’ll leave it in Durango with someone who’s in the same fix. Seven years of tax returns and Ace records are also at her house. Guess we’ll be back for annual shred-fests.

Sold the TV days ago, and lost the DSL when the phone was cut off so, in a way, we’re rehearsing life on the boat. No loafing in front of the tube or spending hours on the ‘net. The kitchen is down to just a few essentials, so we don’t spend a lot of time cooking. We use up whatever food’s on hand when we do cook. That’s another boat practice.

And so, the condo becomes emptier by the day. Here’s what we’ve learned about stuff.

1. ‘Tis easier to acquire than to divest.
2. We hold on to things for the damnest reasons
3. It’s good to get all of something in one place. Things like vitamins and gloves end up all over. You buy more because you’ve run out in one place. But there’s probably more in the fridge, the car, or a closet.
4. Cats do not appreciate chaos and disappearing furniture!
5. Life is good.


Anonymous Ann Flatten said...

Hi Neil & Donna, Thanks for the card--glad to hear that you actually made it out of Durango. Congratulations. I sure agree with your comment on your blog that we hold on to things for the damnest reasons. I'm currently cleaning out the basement which has, among other things, about a hundred cardboard boxes of various sizes--why did I keep them--who knows.
Happy traveling and I'll look forward to seeing on your blog that you've actually made it on board.
Cheers, Ann

1:57 PM  

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