Sunday, April 09, 2006

At last--a BOAT

Donna thought I could make one trip to the coast and come home with a boat -- but it don't work that way. There were trips to Florida, Maryland and North Carolina, twenty-five prospects, three offers, three surveyors, and two contracts to buy. Add one attorney and verbal abuse of the broker and we have a boat. Etude She's a Charley Morgan-designed Heritage West Indies 36 with great equipment on board. Current location; Beaufort NC.

So the plan (gotta have a plan) calls for a final selloff/giveaway/trash dump of STUFF, sell condo and head east with cat in box sometime in May. Southern sojourn to include stops in Hot Springs, Memphis, and Nashville, famous birthplace of esteemed Japanese boat boy Neill-san.

Fate of the Ace-mobile is unclear. We'll figure something out. Get on Etude, make her seaworthy and head north. We'll cruise a week or two in the Carolina sounds, and two or three weeks in the Chesapeake. This will allow sorting out the boat before we test her in open water to New York and a lovely pass called Hell Gate. I don't think Ms D will be satisfied just waving at the Big Apple, (damned straight! I want to see Martha!) so we may spend a night or two there, and a week working up Long Island Sound to the famous Block Island. A leisurely stay in Narraganset Bay (Wickford?) will give us time to visit Len & Kim & Buster Boy, and maybe get Len's help with all things electrical/electronic.

Neill-san says he's scared. Donn-O remains fearless (blond ignorance, no doubt.) Tesla is still learning to love the pet carrier.

Look here for regular postings, now that our logistical constipation has ended. Our e-mail address is still What's new with you? Gonna be on the East Coast this summer? Let's attempt a rendezvous!


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